There is a preliminary draft manual, with an high-level overview of the main features of the library. A detailed api documentation is available as manpages. Have a look at the examples in the source code to get started.


Building the library on UNIX platforms, requires nothing more than what comes installed by default on most UNIX platforms:

autoreconf --install
make install

Building the library on Windows, requires an up-to-date mingw/msys build environment. Building with the msvc compiler is also possible, but requires you to compile in C++ mode, due to the missing C99 support. A working msvc project file for the free Express Edition (version 2008) is included in the source code.


Most data cables require a driver to function. However, not all dive computer manufacturers provide a driver for all supported platforms. Read the driver documentation for installation instructions.


Some technical documentation about the design of the libdivecomputer api and other information. Most of these documents were written as a request for comments on a particular api feature or design. Feel free to provide feedback, comments, fresh ideas, etc.