DC_USBHID_OPEN(3) Library Functions Manual DC_USBHID_OPEN(3)

Opens an iostream for a USB HID device

library “libdivecomputer”

#include <libdivecomputer/usbhid.h>
dc_usbhid_open(dc_iostream_t **iostream, dc_context_t *context, dc_usbhid_device_t *device);

Opens an iostream for a USB HID device. Accepts a context opened with dc_context_new(3) and a device usually found by searching through dc_usbhid_iterator_new(3).
Upon returning DC_STATUS_SUCCESS, the iostream pointer must be freed with dc_iostream_close(3).

Returns DC_STATUS_SUCCESS on success or one of several error values on error. On success, the iostream pointer is filled in with an open handle.

dc_context_new(3), dc_usbhid_iterator_new(3), dc_iostream_close(3), dc_serial_open(3), dc_irda_open(3), dc_bluetooth_open(3).

The library “libdivecomputer” library was written by Jef Driesen, jef@libdivecomputer.org.
This manpage is written by
Vincent Hagen, vinnie@script4web.nl.
June 5, 2020 Debian