DC_CONTEXT_NEW(3) Library Functions Manual DC_CONTEXT_NEW(3)

create a new device-handling context

library “libdivecomputer”

#include <libdivecomputer/context.h>
dc_context_new(dc_context_t **context);

Create a context in which dive computers may be queried. The “context” supplies logging messages and so on, and may be re-used for multiple dive computer query sessions. It is usually passed to dc_device_open(3) to query a specific dive computer device.
On success, the context must be freed with dc_context_free(3). You may configure the context with dc_context_set_loglevel(3) and dc_context_set_logfunc(3). This is highly recommended as the default logging behaviour of dc_context_new depends upon compile-time values.

This returns DC_STATUS_OK on success, in which case context is filled in, or an error code on failure.

dc_context_free(3), dc_context_set_logfunc(3), dc_context_set_loglevel(3), dc_device_open(3)

The library “libdivecomputer” library was written by Jef Driesen, jef@libdivecomputer.org. The manpages were written by
Kristaps Dzonsons, kristaps@bsd.lv.
January 5, 2017 Debian