DC_PARSER_SET_DATA(3) Library Functions Manual DC_PARSER_SET_DATA(3)

assigns parse data to a dive parser

library “libdivecomputer”

#include <libdivecomputer/parser.h>
dc_parser_set_data(dc_parser_t *parser, const unsigned char *data, unsigned int size);

Assigns the binary sequence data of length size bytes to parser, which was created with dc_parser_new(3). How the data is parsed depends upon the values provided to dc_parser_new(3). The data usually comes from the callback assigned to dc_device_foreach(3).

Returns DC_STATUS_OK on success and another code on failure.

dc_device_foreach(3), dc_parser_new(3)

The library “libdivecomputer” library was written by Jef Driesen, jef@libdivecomputer.org. The manpages were written by
Kristaps Dzonsons, kristaps@bsd.lv.
January 5, 2017 Debian