DC_PARSER_NEW(3) Library Functions Manual DC_PARSER_NEW(3)

dc_parser_new, dc_parser_new2
create a parser for a single dive

library “libdivecomputer”

#include <libdivecomputer/parser.h>
dc_parser_new(dc_parser_t **parser, dc_device_t *device);
dc_parser_new2(dc_parser_t **parser, dc_context_t *context, dc_descriptor_t *descriptor, unsigned int devtime, dc_ticks_t systime);

Creates a parser for a single dive extracted from the dive computer with dc_device_foreach(3). The parser operates on the data extracted: it does not touch the device directly to acquire data. Thus, there are two forms of invocation: dc_parser_new, which extracts relevant values from the device parameter; and dc_parser_new2, which is given device values (model, etc.) directly.
After filling in the parser parameter, one usually sets parser data with dc_parser_set_data(3). The pointer must later be freed with dc_parser_destroy(3).

These return DC_STATUS_OK, and fill in the parser pointer on success. Otherwise, an error is returned.

dc_device_foreach(3), dc_parser_destroy(3)

The library “libdivecomputer” library was written by Jef Driesen, jef@libdivecomputer.org. The manpages were written by
Kristaps Dzonsons, kristaps@bsd.lv.
January 5, 2017 Debian