DC_PARSER_GET_FIELD(3) Library Functions Manual DC_PARSER_GET_FIELD(3)

extract a field from a parsed dive

library “libdivecomputer”

#include <libdivecomputer/parser.h>
dc_parser_get_field(dc_parser_t *parser, dc_field_type_t type, unsigned int flags, void *value);

Extract a field from a dive, parser, previously initialised with dc_parser_set_data(3). The value field type depends upon the type. The flags field is ignored for all types but DC_FIELD_GASMIX and DC_FIELD_TANK.
The type may be one of the following values:
Time (duration) of dive in seconds. The value must be an unsigned int.
Maximum depth in metres. The value must be a double.
Average depth (over all samples) in metres. The value must be a double.
Number of different gas mixes used in this dive. The value must be a unsigned int.
Mixture for a particular gas. The value must be a dc_gasmix_t, which has double fields for oxygen, helium, and nitrogen. These are set to the unit fraction of gas (not percentage). The flags value is interpreted as the gas mixture index, which must be less than the value of DC_FIELD_GASMIX_COUNT.
The water salinity as a dc_salinity_t field, which consists of a type, DC_WATER_FRESH or DC_WATER_SALT, and the salinity density.
Atmospheric pressure in bar. The value field must be a double.
Air temperature (at the surface) in Celsius. The value field must be a double.
Minimum water temperature surface in Celsius. The value field must be a double.
Maximum water temperature in Celsius. The value field must be a double.
The number of tanks as an unsigned int.
Tank configuration as a dc_tank_t. This structure consists of a gasmix, which may be retrieved with DC_FIELD_GASMIX; type, the tank volume units as DC_TANKVOLUME_NONE, DC_TANKVOLUME_IMPERIAL, or DC_TANKVOLUME_METRIC; volume, the tank volume in litres or zero if the tank is DC_TANKVOLUME_NONE; workpressure, the work pressure in bar or zero if DC_TANKVOLUME_NONE and maybe zero if DC_TANKVOLUME_METRIC; beginpressure and endpressure being the pressures at start and finish in bar. The flags value is the tank index.
Mode of the dive: DC_DIVEMODE_FREEDIVE for free-diving, DC_DIVEMODE_GAUGE for gauge (i.e., running as a record and not computing, say, decompression events), DC_DIVEMODE_OC for standard open-circuit diving, and DC_DIVEMODE_CCR and DC_DIVEMODE_SCR for respectively closed circuit and semi closed circuit “rebreather” diving.

Returns DC_STATUS_SUCCESS if the field was retrieved, DC_STATUS_UNSUPPORTED if the field is not supported by the device, or other error messages on further failure.


The library “libdivecomputer” library was written by Jef Driesen, jef@libdivecomputer.org. The manpages were written by
Kristaps Dzonsons, kristaps@bsd.lv.
January 5, 2017 Debian