[libdivecomputer] #12: Shearwater Petrel (and Predator)

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Mon Nov 17 06:53:59 PST 2014

#12: Shearwater Petrel (and Predator)
Reporter:  joebar                    |                                                 Owner:
    Type:  task                      |  jefdriesen
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 Version:  0.4                       |  new
Keywords:  Shearwater Petrel,        |                                             Component:
  Bluetooth, connection              |  Device communication
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                                     |  the ticket text):  Windows

Comment (by jefdriesen):

 One possibility is that the bluetooth serial emulation isn't always
 working very well. At least that's the impression I have when trying to
 download from my petrel or frog. Sometimes downloading suddenly fails
 (with an error message on the petrel), for no obvious reason. But when I
 switch to my prototype native bluetooth communication, the problems
 disappears. I'm not sure whether this is a similar problem or not.

 I have uploaded a build with native bluetooth enabled to the
 libdivecomputer website:


 Run it with the following arguments:

 universal-bluetooth.exe -v -l petrel.log -d petrel.xml -b petrel <MAC>

 Replace <MAC> with the bluetooth mac address of your petrel. You should be
 able to find it somewhere in the device manager (sorry don't remember
 exactly where). It's a number that looks like 00:11:22:33:44:55. Also note
 that there is only support for the Microsoft bluetooth stack. It won't
 work with alternatives like the widcomm stack.

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