[libdivecomputer] #8: Suunto Cobra 3 invalid ringbuffer pointer

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Sun May 18 15:21:26 PDT 2014

#8: Suunto Cobra 3 invalid ringbuffer pointer
                                            Reporter:|      Owner:  jefdriesen
  Altaskier                          |     Status:  new
                                                Type:|  Component:  Device communication
  defect                             |   Keywords:  Suunto Cobra 3 /
                                            Priority:|  MacDive
  major                              |
  0.4                                |
Plattform (please give specifics in  |
  the ticket text):  Mac             |
 I have a Cobra3, and a couple of weeks ago I was a bad boy and forgot to
 check the battery before a dive. The computer functioned, but I think it
 stopped recording dive data partway through.

 Since then I've had intermittent problems downloading dives, and after
 yesterday I saw this message from the "vyper2" test program:
 [215.493767] INFO: Read: size=15, data=05000B0190089E3B8000803D2793BB
 [215.493783] ERROR: Invalid ringbuffer pointer detected. [in
 uunto_common2.c:302 (suunto_common2_device_foreach)]
 [215.493791] ../../source/examples/suunto_vyper2_test.c:60: Cannot read
 [215.494092] -------
 [215.494096] test_dump_memory: Success
 [215.494099] test_dump_sdm: Data format error

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