[libdivecomputer] #5: Shearwater Petrel Firmware V18

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#5: Shearwater Petrel Firmware V18
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Comment (by jefdriesen):

 What error is displayed on the Petrel itself?

 Are you sure /dev/tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port is the correct serial port
 to use? I think Mac OS X creates multiple /dev/tty.* entries for bluetooth
 adapters, and not all of them work. Can you post the output of the "ls
 /dev/tty.*" command?

 If possible, can you also try on a Windows or Linux machine? For those two
 platforms, there is also an experimental "universal-bluetooth" build
 available. This uses native bluetooth communication instead of serial port
 emulation. You can download it here:


 It takes the same options as the normal build, except that you have to
 replace the portname with bluetooth MAC address (e.g. something like
 11:22:33:44:55:66). There have been reports that the serial port emulation
 does not always work very reliable. I have noticed this with my Petrel
 too, and the problem disappears after switching to native bluetooth
 communication. I'm not sure if your problem is related, but it's worth
 trying to find out.

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