[libdivecomputer] #9: Add support for temperature and tank pressure on Mares Nemo Air

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#9: Add support for temperature and tank pressure on Mares Nemo Air
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 Version:  0.4                       |  accepted
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                                     |  Dive parsing
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 * status:  reopened => accepted



 I think you are right. I forgot that the Nemo Air uses 5 bytes per sample
 instead of 2. Those extra 3 bytes may indeed contain tank pressure data.

 Initial investigation shows that one of those bytes contains the gas
 consumption (in l/min) for each sample. That's most likely the value used
 to plot the graph you attached. So far I have not been able to find the
 tank pressure per sample, only the begin/end values. I could find the
 values corresponding to the <tankpressure> elements in the uddf. But if I
 treat those as delta values, then the pressure drops too fast, and I end
 up with negative pressures. That's certainly not correct.

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