Open questions

To be able to fill some gaps in our knowledge or fix certain bugs, I sometimes need to run very specific tests and/or have access to certain types of data. These cases will be documented here.

At the moment, we are still looking for data from these devices:


I would like to find out how old dives are overwritten with newer ones.

Action: I need a few memory dumps from devices with more than 64 dives (for the VT Pro and the Veo 250) or more than 256 dives (for the Atom 2).

Known bugs

Uwatec Memomouse

If the memomouse part contains no dives, while the aladin part does, the wrap point is not detected and the aladin part is returned.


Two successive memory dumps are sometimes not identical. The "errors" seems to appear at random memory locations, and the checksums are always correct. (Atom 2, VT Pro)

Atom 2

Errors (NAK and timeouts) appear frequently, although retrying usually works.

The last page fails to download for some models. (Atom 2)

Veo 250

Occasionally, the device appears to send a different page than the one we requested. Sometimes the number of pages is wrong too.

Reefnet Sensus Ultra

For some unknown reason, the 50ms timing window is sometimes exceeded, although the code is confirmed to run very fast (the overhead is usually less than a millisecond).

Suunto Vyper 2

For some unknown reason, sometimes a transfer fails the first time, but immediately trying again works fine